Saint Hyacinth
     In the year 1220, Father Hyacinth, a young priest, ordained two years earlier, and his elder brother, Ceslaus, likewise a priest, accompanied their uncle, Ivo Odrowitz, to Rome. Bishop Odrowitz was to be consecrated in Rome as Bishop of Crakow, Poland. With them on the journey were Herman and Henry, two of the Bishop’s attendants. Upon arriving in Rome they found the city to be buzzing with great excitement and joy.
     A miracle, yes a miracle many cried out. A young man fell from his horse and was pronounced dead. Father Dominic (later raised to sainthood), the head of the Order of Dominican Friars, came and comforted the relatives of the boy and they offered the sacrifice of the Mass. He then went and prayed over the body of the deceased, made the sign of the cross and said that in the name of Jesus Christ arise. The young man was restored to life. Hyacinth met with Dominic and remained with Father Dominic in the monastery and were personally trained by him for several months.
     After several months of training Bishop Ivo came to the monastery and indicated it was time to return to Poland. All now dressed in their white habits and black cloaks began their journey back to Poland which was about 750 miles distant. Finally, the group crossed the border of Italy and entered Southern Austria.
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