Saint Hyacinth
     Bishop Ivo had received an invite from the Archbishop of Salzburg. Austrians were eager to hear the preachers of the Dominicans. The Archbishop was to meet them in Freisach, a city on their route, and then escort them to Salzburg. Hyacinth received the news with great joy but also with foreboding. This would mean a delay of a week or more to their destination. It was now time to pray and ask for Divine Guidance. When they arrived in the city the Archbishop and all its inhabitants greeted them warmly. Itinerant preachers were new to them. They had cloistered Benedictines in monasteries, canons in the Cathedral who dispensed the sacraments and recited the Divine Office, but none who daily traveled among the people to instruct, preach and nurture their fragile faith. Herman preached daily in the crowded city square. The friars remained in the city for several months. More than 50 young men desired to become novices. The Archbishop provided a large building to be used as a monastery. Hyacinth and the others now took their leave designating Herman the Prior of the monastery and novices. Hyacinth blessed Herman and again told him to trust, pray and always keep himself open to God’s will. The news of the friars preceded them on their journey. The Bishop of Prague sent a request for Hyacinth to send preachers. Again they were warmly greeted. Ceslaus, who also spoke the language, was appointed to the task of teaching the Bohemians. Ceslaus knew that he probably would never see Hyacinth or his be-loved Poland again.
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